Best Areas to Live in New England

New England is a wonderful place to live, a mix of historic charm with modern amenities.

The Northeast part of the United States consists of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Its history is storied – Plymouth Rock, Salem, and a key part of the Industrial Revolution – and its modern-day living is affordable with ample job opportunities and diverse cultural areas.

Burlington, Vermont

If you are looking at Burlington houses for sale, know that you are aiming to live among the home of famed Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream -and also one of the consistently top-ranked best places to live.

Burlington is often cited as a healthy place to live. It’s no wonder with the University of Vermont and its highly respected medical school.

Church Street Marketplace is a downtown draw, a four-block-long, open-air pedestrian mall that draws 3 million people a year.

Burlington is also located on Lake Champlain, a waterfront that has a bike path, sailing center, dog park, ferries, and fishing pier.

Burlington is often considered the food hub of Vermont, having many incredible restaurants, bars, breweries, and vineyards.

Warwick, Rhode Island

The second-largest town in Rhode Island has a low poverty rate, affordable housing, and high median incomes, making it a great place to settle down.

There are beautiful state parks here, like Rocky Point and Goddard, as well as beaches like Oakland and Buttonwoods City.

Warwick is home to the state’s main airport, which serves the Providence and Boston areas.  

The town played an important role in the Revolutionary War and is popular among folks who love history.

Stamford, Connecticut

Those with a career in the financial and business sector will love it here. There is a booming financial district, with many Fortune 500 companies in the area. In fact, Stamford is known as “the city that works.”

It’s also a great place for those who commute to Manhattan, as it’s part of the New Haven Line on the Metro-North Railroad, which is the commuter rail system for metropolitan New York City.

Franklin, Massachusetts

A 45-minute ride from Boston, this suburban town is very peaceful. It has highly ranked schools, so is perfect for families looking to settle down. 

This historic place is named after one of the nation’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, and is home to the country’s first public library, where Franklin himself donated books.

East Merrimack, New Hampshire

Situated along the Merrimack River, this town is filled with young professionals and retirees looking for a quaint New England aura to their day-to-day.

Residents here report high standards of living due to the affordability of rental apartments, the many coffee shops and restaurants, and the availability of educational and community services.

Portland, Maine

This is consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in the state. Portland has a progressive waterfront community with a diverse culture. 

There’s an incredible food scene here, as well as many craft breweries. Outdoor lovers will find much to do on the many hiking and biking trails.

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