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BBQ Grill Covers: What to Look For When Buying?

BBQ grill covers are essential things to protect your barbeque from external elements. You can get a variety of BBQ grill covers in the market. However, it is essential to consider a few basic things when looking for a barbecue cover.

Checking out the below points may help you to select the right BBQ grill cover for sure. Let’s have a look!


Size is a significant thought when purchasing a cover for your barbecue. If the cover doesn’t fit, it won’t be a lot of utilization to you or your barbecue. You need a barbecue cover that won’t just cover your barbecue from both sides but also provides adequate ventilation space.

Try to pick the proper shape, as well. You need the barbecue cover to match the shape and size of your barbecue. Get an appropriate fit by measuring the height and width of the barbeque. Subsequently, use the measurement while choosing the cover.

However, if you have difficulties getting the exact measurement, you can go for a customized cover to fit precisely with your barbeque model.


The material of the BBQ covers has a significant role in determining the cost and quality of the covers. Generally, Barbecue covers come in three different materials; vinyl, Polyester, and canvas.

  • Most of the Vinyl covers come with a waterproofing feature. These covers are ideal when you keep your barbeque on an open patio. However, not all vinyl covers are made equivalent. Some of them may not provide adequate protection from the rainwater to let in. So, make sure about the quality before you opt to purchase one for your barbeque.
  • Polyester is a well-known material for barbecue covers because of its high durability in any weather condition. Polyester isn’t intrinsically waterproof. However, they are specially crafted to prevent water from letting in and also provide protection from harmful UV rays. So, if you don’t have a patio umbrella with UV-blocking fabric, you may consider buying Polyester made grill cover for your barbeque that offers a UV-blocking feature.
  • Canvas-made covers are the best-suited as they are thick, sturdy, and come with a waterproofing feature. Canvas-made covers can keep your barbeque dry and provide protection from extreme heat and cold weather conditions.

Additional Features

Better quality barbecue covers always incorporate additional features that further develop performance and ease of use. Many covers come with air pockets to ensure proper ventilation. Having proper ventilation prevents moisture from developing inside the cover so that your barbeque doesn’t get rust.

Apart from that, several top-end barbeque covers come with different spaces for keeping the accessories. Accessories are the unavoidable parts of a barbeque. So, it is essential to ensure proper protection for the accessories as well. So, to keep the accessories safe, it is best to opt for such covers that come with separate space for keeping the accessories safe from the external elements.


So, we hope that you liked our guide for choosing the right BBQ cover for your grill. If you find this article helpful, please write your feedback in the comment section. Additionally, if you have any queries about the BBQ covers, please let us know in the comment section.

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