Backlit Signs – A Brief Guide to the Types, Applications, and Benefits

Backlit signs look distinctive because, unlike conventional signage, they are lit from the back or within the light-box. Because the lighting is self-contained in the signage, there is no need for an external light source to make the sign visible. There are several compelling reasons for using backlit signage, mainly high visibility, legibility, durability, and eco-friendliness.

Backlit Sign Types

You can have several types of backlit signs. The simplest one comprises a vinyl sheet printed with the advertising graphics and message fitted on an aluminum box containing the light source. The alternative is to paste the vinyl on an acrylic sheet before fitting it into a box for extra strength. Otherwise, you can have die or laser-cut letters and shapes made of acrylic. While earlier, the illumination in the light boxes was provided by conventional lighting sources, the brightness, easy availability, durability, and affordability of LED lights have made them the standard in modern backlit signs.

Applications of LED Backlit Signs

Because backlit signs are bright and stand out from the clutter in the surroundings, the advertiser’s target audience can more easily notice and read them. They can understand the messages faster and recall them better. These characteristics make them ideal for diverse uses like storefronts, trade shows, exhibitions, restaurants, corporate and brand logos, sports complexes, outdoor events, colleges and universities, and any other application that calls for high-noticeability professional signage.

Top Reasons for Investing In Backlit Signs

Since the target audience is bombarded with advertising messages of all kinds, advertising signs need to stand out in the environmental clutter and successfully counter the various distractions of the people. It is important to appreciate that when people pass by, they will only notice high-visibility signs and have only a split second to read and understand them. Because it is not always possible to install giant signs due to the constraints of space and budget, backlit print signs are an excellent alternative due to their extra brightness, custom shapes, and motion graphics.

Backlit signs are also versatile and safe for installation in all places, outdoor and indoor. Businesses can use them for brand building, communicating important messages, issuing alerts and warnings, and providing directions and way finding. Because you can get backlit signs in custom sizes and shapes, they are perfect for installation in diverse locations like storefronts, conference rooms, retail counters, lobbies and reception areas, bar and restaurant counters, and more. The use of multiple colors, motion graphics, and custom shapes make them extra-noticeable.


In addition to their high visibility and versatility, businesses love backlit signs for their durability. The high-resolution graphics printed on vinyl with UV-resistant inks and mounted on acrylic or laser-cut acrylic letters and shapes do not fade even when exposed to the elements and have a long service life. According to LED Benchmark, LED bulbs have a rated life of 20,000-50,000 hours. Their long life makes the signs virtually maintenance-proof. Another significant plus point is the significant savings in the cost of electricity consumed due to the energy efficiency of LED bulbs.

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