Are You Losing Sleep Over Your Business?


If you find yourself tossing and turning at night because of your business, you are not alone. There is a counter-productive urge that many business owners feel when they need to make decisions about what to invest in and upgrade. Whether to replace the computers, take on more employees, or if it’s time for some training, these tough decisions can lead to sleeplessness as well as stress.

Most businesses go through periods where their performance takes a dip-times when it seems like nothing will get better. This is when you may need to look at your business from a different perspective and make tough decisions about what to invest in and what to let go of.

Make Sleep A Key Component Of Your Business Strategy

We have to rest. It’s not a fanciful notion. It’s a fact of biology. When we don’t sleep, we gradually lose our sanity, begin experiencing hallucinations, and eventually pass out. It could even thwart the most ambitious business plans. You can also buy a new mattress because the right mattress helps you sleep better.

Dolphins are able to use a technique to overcome this issue. They rest with just half of their brains shut off at the same time and switch between the two halves. Through experiments, the results have been shown to keep them alert for at minimum 2 weeks in a stretch.

Wouldn’t you think it would be awesome to be able to achieve the same thing? It’s not true that it would be terrible. No one would ever be able to take a break, relax or take pleasure in the things that are easy to enjoy. Instead, we’d be racing at twice the speed we are today, and with zero downtime. If any scientist who is eccentric is planning to splice dolphin DNA into human brains, so we could sleep in a half-sleep state, do not.

How to improve alertness

There are many ways to improve our alertness. Power-naps have been found to be extremely efficient. Certain people have trained themselves to go to REM sleep (the deep, rejuvenating sleep) in a matter of minutes. 20 minutes of this could be the equivalent of one hour of normal sleep.

A yachtsman from around the world became proficient at this technique so that he was able to sleep for the duration it took for traffic lights to turn off. He was promptly awakened to the sound of horns beeping ahead of him. Sleeping position also helps you sleep better. Most adults prefer sleeping on their side for their convenience.

The ability to tune into the body’s natural sleep patterns can also help. If you’re a night owl or a lark, schedule your sleeping schedule accordingly. You’ll experience more refreshing sleep that way. A few studies have demonstrated that it is possible to alter the way you sleep. Maybe, however, as a night owl, I’ve not been able to function well prior to 9 am. In fact, some of my most productive work is completed at 1 am. This routine is hard-coded into my brain, and attempting to change it may cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Stress and Anxiety

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are always over-stressed, and that’s for many reasons. First of all, being an executive and decision-maker for an organization can be a grueling experience. The people who work for you are dependent on your ability to make the right decisions and manage the team and you’ll be under a lot of stress or repercussions for making the wrong decisions. You’ll also have to deal with the competition on a regular basis. Each day, you’ll hear about a new venture or market situation that will completely alter the way you conduct business.

Stress and anxiety can be risk factors for sleep apnea.

Additionally, you have to deal with the financial burden when managing an enterprise. If you’re personally involved in the company and you’re a shareholder, you could have your entire savings on the line. Even if you’re not, the salary and earnings will depend on the company being successful. When your business is struggling it can be difficult to determine how you will pay the bills. If the company is doing well you may be wondering what the future holds for it and you’ll work harder to make the most of it.

At the final point, business owners face stress, both acutely and chronically. It happens at various intensities. Stress is one of the most prevalent factors that cause insomnia. It makes it more difficult for you to be able to relax enough to sleep. This could affect how well you sleep after you’re sleeping. Additionally, business owners don’t have the time of others to practice the activities that lower stress like exercise, meditation or taking time off for vacations. The best solution is to decrease your work hours and find time to engage in these relaxation techniques and strategies for managing stress.


Business owners often have a tough time making these tough decisions because they either don’t want to consider this, don’t know how to make the decision, or might be too busy running the business themselves in order to give it the attention it needs.

A recent survey by Penn State researchers discovered that 52 percent of people say they’re not at all happy with their jobs, while 41 percent here are unhappy with their company’s leadership. So what’s going on?

A lot, it seems, with 80 percent of employers and employees saying the reason they’re unhappy with their jobs is that they are not doing what they do well enough.

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