Are kucoin and Defi linked? 

What is CryptoCurrency? Whether one can gain a lot of profit from trading? What do the terms wallet, Cryptocurrency, and trading bot mean? Might these questions arise in mind as cryptocurrency news is buzzing around. So basically, Cryptocurrency is in the form of digital money. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges from which one can buy coins. kucoin cryptocurrency exchange is one of the exchanges. It is considered to be a fantastic option for several reasons. The primary reason is that it is apparent with its mission to set a digital world globally. Apart from this, Forbes Advisor kucoin was rated as Best Crypto Exchange in 2021. Another benefit kucoin provides its users is a variety of more than seven hundred registered coins from which the users can choose. Isn’t it amazing?

Definition of Defi

Before we analyze the relation of kucoin and Defi, let us first understand the term Defi. Defi means decentralized finance. Through defi, every investor can examine the new assets daily, decrease the fee, and do many more things. According to a saying,” Defi has the potential to reshape our current financial industry.”

A quick glimpse at the defi process.

There are a few steps to follow by the defi user. Firstly, a crypto digital wallet is essential because this is where you will store crypto coins so that the users can buy Defi protocols. The selection of wallets is also there, and MetaMask is a very famous choice regarding wallets.

After selecting the wallet now, the users need to choose crypto coins. Now the user can trade in protocols. These protocols enable investors to lend, trade, and stake (or lock up) crypto for a reward. It also allows participation in liquidity pools where they will receive earnings when trades occur.

The connection between kucoin and DEFI

Yes, there is a connection between them, and recently the Defi trading board has been announced with an IDG-backed exchange. So what is it? Many projects like LINK, AMPL, and many more are shifted to the trading board. This trading board aims to make participation in the Defi market as convenient as possible.

If we look at history, Defi has always been supported by  kucoin. Defi projects like  COMP, MKR, KNC, and many more are some examples. According to kucoin Global, “kucoin has been persistent in its pursuit of finding and supporting blockchain projects with real potential. To facilitate the development of Defi, the launch of kucoin Choice Community Vote (Defi Session) for Defi projects has also been done.”


As in ancient times, goods and services were being bartered. But with time, money came in between, and goods or services were bought or sold. As the world progressed, Cryptocurrency came. And they can be purchased from different exchanges, and kucoin is one of them. As mentioned earlier, kucoin is one of the best exchanges from which one can get the coin, and that too from many different currencies. And now, it has also announced the launch of the kucoin Defi trading board. Thus kucoin has always encouraged Defi projects.

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