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Apartment or Independent House for Sale in Dapoli: Which is a Better Choice?

Dapoli is a beautiful town in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. The small hill station, providing all the basic amenities a city can provide for the habitats, peaceful and cool environment, and nice & clean beaches to spend holidays make the place best for living. By looking at all these benefits, people are so excited to invest their money in various property types available and the most commonly looked at ones are the apartments and independent houses for sale in Dapoli.

As many of them get confused about selecting the best property type among the two, here are some important points to note about both of them which will help in making the final decision for you.

Merits of Apartments

  1. Apartments are the best choice for the old age couples who are retired now and staying away from their children. Apartments are built in a society that has multiple towers with various floors. Each floor has more than one apartment and many neighbors even share walls. This enhances the security level, especially for the old age people as whenever they cry for help, even in the odd hours, neighbors can easily come for help.
  2. The people who love to socialize and are interested in talking to others must go for the apartments as the houses on the floor becomes a family at one point in time. Everyone shares food, sorrows, and happiness all together while having fun.

Demerits of Apartments

  1. Sharing walls also cause too much disturbance and noise in the house. If your neighbors keep shouting all day, it is going to be difficult for you to stay in peace in the house.
  2. As you share the floor with the neighbors, everyone has to follow basic rules including hygiene. If the neighbors are keeping dust bins outside or do not keep the surroundings clean, you may also suffer from various diseases caused by rats, mosquitoes, etc.
  3. Maintenance costs will be higher as you need to pay for elevators, household services, and other common amenities provided by the builders.

Merits of Independent House

  1. It is best suitable for the ones with a big family size. They are easily extendable and can be changed as per the requirements.
  2. Independent houses mostly have a boundary that keeps them separated from the interference of neighbors. The walls are not shared and hence, there is no issue of any disturbance caused by the neighbors.
  3. Many of them are available with a beautiful garden and a separate terrace. The old age people can utilize their time in gardening and children can have their separate play area without sharing it with anyone.
  4. You will get a better return on investment on independent houses when compared to the apartments as you become the owner of the land as well which is not in the case of apartments.

Demerits of Independent House

  1. Obviously, the maintenance is high as you are not sharing any amenities with anyone. As the amenities are not shared with everyone, you have to pay for everything.
  2. The security is less as compared to apartments.

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