All You Need to Know Before Living in Al Furjan, Dubai

Al Furjan is an incredibly popular neighborhood; because of its amenities, it is a great place for families or young couples. While it is located near enough to Dubai that you can enjoy all of the perks that city living has to offer, you also benefit from more of a sense of community. If you are considering making the move to Al Furjan, there are a few things that you should know.


Al Furjan has a number of different property types available, from apartments to villas and even hotels. A lot of developers have had a hand in helping to build up Al Furjan, including Azizi Developments, a real estate developer with properties all around Dubai. Al Furjan does offer an excellent ROI for regardless of whether you buy an apartment or a villa. Some apartment buildings come with basement parking, villas often have a dedicated parking garage and street parking is used by visitors.

Public Transport

Al Furjan has excellent transport links. There are several metro stations in the area which connect Al Furjan with the rest of the city. There are also buses if you prefer them. Most sub-communities have a bus stop within a 10-minute walk of them. Finally, you can also hire a taxi.


Al Furjan has all the amenities you could want. In terms of shops, there are several grocery stores – some of which offer home delivery. There are also mosques and churches to cater for your spiritual needs. In addition, Al Furjan is a family-friendly area, and so as you’d expect, there are several educational institutions for children from nursery age to university age. Finally, there is a medical clinic in Al Furjan that is open seven days a week, although the nearest hospital is in Dubai Investment Park. These are all things that you will need to look into before moving.


Before you commit to moving to Al Furjan, you need to know what they offer in terms of entertainment. Firstly, shopping malls. There are two main shopping pavilions located at either end of the neighborhood. Each shopping pavilion has around twenty-four stores, ten restaurants and its own grocery stores too. In addition to that, there is the much bigger IBN Battuta Mall in the neighboring district of Discovery Gardens.

As mentioned above, the shopping pavilions in Al Furjan have their own restaurants to choose from, including places like Oregano, Which Wich and Al Arrab. But, again, the neighboring Discovery Gardens have more choices if you are looking for something different.

The nearest beach to Al Furjan is the Dubai Marina, but it is around a twenty-minute drive away. In the immediate vicinity, there are cinemas, bowling alleys, parks and playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms and salons. Al Furjan, for all intents and purposes, is a relatively self-contained community, meaning you wouldn’t necessarily have to venture out if you didn’t want to.


Al Furjan has a great sense of community; it has a real family feel to it. However, you don’t have to have a family to live there; if you simply want to take a step back and live a more laidback lifestyle, then go for it. You should have a lot more of the information that you need to make your decision.

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