Achieve customer data accuracy by using phone validation

Most Americans monitor their phones every 5.5 minutes, which amounts to 262 times a day, according to the research. Business executives who want to contact their customers by text and phone may find this statistic thrilling, but if you have the incorrect number for a client, you’re doomed. Accurate phone data is essential not just for contacting consumers but also for the whole client experience, reputation, and day-to-day operations of a company. Fortunately, by guaranteeing that client data is accurate from the start, phone validation may address data quality problems that were previously a hindrance.

A bad side effect may be associated with any positive item, and technological progress is no exemption to this rule. Fake names, cases of fraud, and false information are just a handful of negative consequences of technology breakthroughs that have emerged in recent years. The very nature of technology has created tools for fighting the bad.

A phone checker is a tool that enables you to examine and verify phone numbers in a timely manner. It is a kind of database that stores phone numbers. It is taken into account that a user’s screening, risk profile, disposable phone numbers, and syntax are all variables to be taken into account. In the context of user reputation assessment, email verification, email hazard ratio, and proxy identification are all instances of frequently used techniques. Check the most popular proxy service at

We’ll examine phone validation in this post to see how it may help your company and improve the accuracy of your client data.

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Introduction to phone validation

Since the similar phone number appears different depending on which region you call, creating a WPF control that verifies telephone digits is a problem. In order to fulfill your needs, the control must be adaptable, which means it must be able to handle both tight control with exact formatting and simple alerts when a user types in a strange-looking phone number. Best of all, prohibit the user from entering any incorrect data and limit the keystrokes he may use at all times. The user cannot save the data if the phone number is needed and absent since this control is part of WpfWindowLib. If the user attempts to dismiss the window without storing the data, an alert is shown to him.

What does it mean to validate a phone number?

Phone validation, as the name implies, looks to see whether a given phone number is correct and belongs to the right person. Before delving further into the topic of phone validation, let’s take a look at how company phone data may be shared.

  • Call centers: Call center agents who take down a customer’s phone number and put it in for them.
  • Forms that can be filled out on your own: Self-service web form users and customers who put in their own phone number
  • Lists of potential customers supplied by a third-party data source

Phone validation checks a number against telecommunications company data to verify whether a phone number is current and legitimate, regardless of how you obtained it: directly from the customer, an employee, or a third-party supplier. Cleaning up old client data may be done in bulk or in real-time, depending on your preference.

Three ways in which phone validation services enhance the accuracy of consumer data

Verifying the validity of a phone number over the phone is an effective method of ensuring that the number is genuine and operational. The effect of phone verification is considerably more than it seems at first glance, and it has a significant impact on the accuracy of your total data. To help your company succeed, we’ll look at three methods that phone validation may improve the accuracy of your customers’ data.

Ensures that information is accurate and up to date

Consider how much customer data is entered into your company’s database on a daily basis. A customer’s data may be easily mistyped by a contact center representative. When filling out a phone number part of a form, customers may inadvertently hit the incorrect key on their computer, sending the erroneous contact information. To ensure that the numbers entering your database are accurate, use phone validation to scrub them before input. Fake phone numbers will be immediately detected by real-time phone validation services. As soon as a new number is entered into your database, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the information is valid and belongs to the right client.

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1. Extends the data already available

In certain cases, your database only has a sliver of an individual’s unique ID. It’s possible that all you have is a client’s name and address in your database. However, your statistics will be more accurate if you have a more comprehensive client profile. Phone validation adds valuable information to your database, making it stronger. Adding phone numbers to names and addresses, for example, might offer you a comprehensive picture of a single consumer. Afterward, the numbers may be sorted to see which ones have been invalidated and which are mobile or landline numbers. As a result of taking these steps, your company will have better access to contact data and will be able to establish deeper ties with its customer base as well.

The process of locating information about a person using their phone number, name, or address is known as people search free public records. You may check out every detail about the target using NumLooker’s person finder tool, including addresses, phone numbers, social network handles, and criminal records. The information is gathered from a variety of public sources, ensuring that the reports are accurate and trustworthy.

2. Correct data mistakes as they occur in a timely manner

Using interactive phone validation as a real-time service may assist keep your database clean by ensuring that only proper phone numbers are added to it in the first place. If a customer enters a digit incorrectly in a phone number field of an online form, they will be asked to submit a correction. What effect does this have on the accuracy of your customer data? Validating incorrect phone numbers at the time of capture is a fast and easy way to detect them and advise the end-user to fix them if required. Due to the fact that data is always changing, you may discover that a portion of the phone numbers in your database is old and no longer in use by your customers.

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