A Springfield Hellcat belt holster

Springfield Hellcats are remarkable weapons since it has a good amount of ammunition and is small in size. In many ways, it’s a multi-purpose firearm. Most commonly, this handgun is used for personal defense and concealed carry. There are a range of ways in which the Springfield Hellcat holster can be used for these functions. It is important to determine your carry method before selecting a holster for the handgun. Hellcat OSP Holsters come in a variety of designs and styles.

Springfield Hellcat Holster from OSP

Unlike other Hellcat Holsters, Springfield OSP Holsters have one special feature. Your holster should be designed to accommodate optics if you intend to use one. Optics-ready holsters are available from OSP. As a result, you will need to pick a holster that is compatible with the device. Check out the sections below for more information on IWB, AIWB, and Springfield Hellcat Holster.

The Springfield RDP Hellcat Holster.

A  RDP Springfield Hellcat Holster has more features than a standard Hellcat OSP version. There’s an extra component that makes the RDP more complicated. If you carry the RDP compensation or OWB, you won’t encounter any problems. The carbon or tiny particles of synthetic material will stain your clothes after shooting the gun a lot. As long as you don’t carry an IWB there will be no problems.

If you intend to use the RDP Hellcat Holster as an IWB Holster, make sure it encloses the compensator. Doing so will prevent your compensator from becoming too warm during training. As a defensive weapon, such a problem shouldn’t arise, as you are unlikely to fire enough to use the gun in a way that would cause injury. This posesserious threat, however, when you practice using a Hellcat RDP. The Hellcat RDP IWB Holster will be more comfortable to wear when the comp is covered.

This IWB holster has been designed specifically for the Springfield Hellcat

When you choose an IWB holster for your Springfield Hellcat, it is important to select the right carrying position. You can wear the gun in a variety of ways. For right-handed shooters, the strongest side will be between 3 and 5 o’clock, while the appendix will be more common. In addition, the Cross Draw and Back of the Neck methods are also mentioned, however, neither of those methods is recommended. It is not recommended to carry auto-loading pistols cross draw because their design does not allow you to carry them that way, which makes the holster setup unattractive.

I have a completely different issue with my lower back. Generally speaking, the lower back is okay, and somewhat concealable in a comfort setting. It does have a couple of disadvantages, however. In order to carry ‘In the Back’, you hold the gun in front of or near your spine. In this situation, bending over or falling will likely result in back injuries.


It’s important to note that for strong sides, we’ve left out one of the most crucial features: cant adjustment. The ability to adjust the cant of IWB left-hand holsters ensures concealment and a positive draw stroke, as they can be adjusted to fit everyone. OSP Springfield Hellcat Holsters provide the best concealment around the gun’s cant. Carrying a gun slightly at the back of the at four to four and a half to five o’clock position will make the gun more concealable.

Depending on your body type, you will receive a different amount of cant. So, having a holster that can be adapted to their preference is a nice feature. It is also adjustable to make sure the draw stroke is optimal. The cant will sometimes be the same as it will be concealed carry, but sometimes it won’t be the same. A Springfield Hellcat IWB holster with adjustable cant will allow you to customize it according to your needs.

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