A brief guide to choosing the best wooden keychain manufacturer

In our online store of custom wooden keychains you can find different models and in all the available colors that you need. We have round wooden keychains, oval wooden keychains, house-shaped, square, and tree-shaped, with metal details, we have all the models you need in our online store. Custom wooden keychains are some of the most popular promotional items on the market. Do you organize a school event? If so, you may want to give your students a souvenir for the occasion. Our custom wooden keyrings can be engraved or printed with your school logo or motto to create a one-of-a-kind item they’ll cherish forever.

Wholesale wooden keychain manufacturer

We are the manufacturers and distributors of wooden keyrings, so we can offer wholesale wooden keyrings at a really cheap price. All wood keychains can be customized with the logo, phrase, drawing, or design that the client sends us. One of the techniques with the highest quality and the best result in appearance is the laser engraving of wooden keyrings. Wooden keyrings can also be personalized by screen printing or pad printing the colors that the client indicates. Our promotional keyrings are made from very strong and durable wooden materials, so you can continue to make an impression on those who matter most to you.

Cheap wooden keychains buy at the best price

In our online store, you can buy wooden keychains at the best price and very cheap since we are the best international suppliers. Wooden keychains are a great gift idea as their ecological aspect denotes concern and values for nature that you can transmit in your marketing campaign. Personalized wooden keychains can also be used to commemorate a birthday or an anniversary. Whether you want to promote a restaurant with a wooden keychain or if you want to use an elegant cork keychain to advertise your corporate business at the next event, at Vograce you will find a wide range of options that adapt to your sector.

Original wooden keychains

We have very nice and original designs. We create what each client needs for each occasion. Weddings, birthdays, for men, for women, for friends, boyfriends, etc. If you are looking for something different, contact us so that we can make your custom keychains to suit your needs and taste.

Wood Engraved Keychains

Buying wooden keychains has never been so easy or so fast. Our workshop is available 24 hours a day. We do not stop making personalized designs that our clients ask us for. Find your wooden keychain in our store and we will do the magic.

Wooden keychains with phrases

Put the phrase you want, they are totally personalized. You can choose from our fonts or you can also choose others by searching the internet.

Wood engravings

Therefore our specialty is laser engraving. Other techniques such as sublimation or transfer can be useful but for a short time. With these techniques, it happens like tattoos on the skin, with time they wear out and erase. With laser engraving that will never happen to you. What we record recorded will stay.

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