A Beginner’s Guide to Online Football Betting

Football is one of the most popular sports, with millions of fans worldwide. 

As a consequence, a plethora of football betting sites have popped up in recent years. However, not everyone is skilled at putting bets on football. 

Our football betting beginner’s guide will teach you all you need to know about football betting.

Defining Football Odds

Football chances indicate the possibility of a football event occurring. They often accompany any football game’s betting markets. 

Using football odds, you may calculate how much money you will earn if you place a winning stake. Because of this, you should only choose sportsbooks with high odds. 

When putting a simple Home Win or Away Win bet, odds may be used to identify the favorite and underdog teams.

Keep in mind that many countries and areas employ different odds formulae. 

As a result, bookmakers provide their clients odds formats such as American, Malay, Indo, Hong Kong, and Decimal. Before enrolling, it is critical to review any bookmaker’s odds.

The Most Common Football Betting Types Explained

Football betting types are required for every wager. Betting markets may assist you select what kind of forecasts to make on a sportsbook. 

For your convenience, below are a few common football wager types.

Straight-up bets

The “Outright Winner” betting market invites you to guess which team will win a certain tournament. There are two options: the English Premier League or the UEFA Champions League. 

For example, from the 20 Premier League soccer clubs, you may predict that Manchester United would win the championship. 

As a result, you will only be profitable if Manchester wins the league. Before the tournament begins, consider the Outright Winner selection to take advantage of the high odds.


The handicap is a common betting option when a better football team meets a poorer football squad. 

The goal of the handicap is to level the playing field by favoring the lesser side. For example, if Manchester City is playing Watford, the bookmaker may give them a -1.5 handicap. 

To assess if Manchester City will win, the bookmaker will subtract 1.5 points from the final score and compare it to Watford’s. 

If Manchester City retains their lead, you win the bet. Asian handicaps and European handicaps are the two types of handicaps used in football.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under is yet another popular market in football betting. If you want to anticipate factors rather than the exact result, this option is ideal. 

For example, you may predict that the overall score of a game would be more than 2.5. As a result, if the match’s final score is three or greater, you will win the football wager.


An accumulator แทงบอลออนไลน์ bet combines many predictions into a single stake. The major accumulator kinds are as follows:

In a tournament, you may bet on Arsenal to win, Chelsea to lose, Manchester City to win, and Crystal Palace to win. 

If all of your predictions are correct, you will win the accumulator. However, if even one prediction is incorrect, you lose the whole stake.

How to Choose an Online Sportsbook


In recent years, the significance of online security in general has expanded, making it one of the most critical considerations to address while establishing an account. 

Fortunately, since the early days of the internet, the world of online sports betting has substantially evolved in terms of safety. 

Even though it is still an unregulated industry in the United States, the majority of offshore enterprises have realized that conducting business honestly is in their best interests. 

In this increasingly digital world, determining if a sportsbook (or any organization) is legal is not difficult. 

Sportsbook Review is an excellent place to begin. They review online sportsbooks, track customer complaints, maintain a blacklist, and work to settle disputes. More on this website later.


After you have removed any unsafe or dishonest websites, you should analyze the odds offered by the sportsbook. 

There are a few things to look for in this regard if you want to be sure you’re betting at the best potential odds. 

To begin, determine the sports you wish to bet on UFABALL77 often. For example, if you want to bet on baseball every day during the summer, the book must have “dime lines,” which means there is only a ten-cent difference in their money lines.

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

Almost every online sportsbook provides a welcome bonus (along with reload bonuses if you deposit more into your account after your initial deposit). 

We’ve all seen the eye-catching ads with the “up to $1,000 welcome bonus” offers. 

While it should not be the decisive factor in your decision, it might be a beneficial bonus as sportsbooks compete for your business.

Withdrawal speed, difficulty, and expenses

As an added bonus, you may cash out using Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) as your deposit method. 

I highly recommend utilizing this option since it is by far the fastest and least costly way to get payment from your sportsbook. 

Most books don’t even charge a fee for this, and if they do, it’s little in relation to the prices of other options. 

This removes not just the need to wait weeks for a check, but also the hassle of getting the check issued in the first place.

If using cryptocurrency is not a possibility, you will surely want to know the intricacies and options for cashing out before registering. 

A link to this information is usually available on the home page of each sportsbook under Payment Methods or Funding Options. 

Before making a deposit, always read each sportsbook’s terms and conditions completely to ensure that you are informed of all the nuances and expenses. 

The majority of sportsbooks also provide live chat customer service, allowing you to ask any questions you may have.

Use cautious while reading reviews

I previously recommended reading online evaluations, which are available on a variety of websites, including Sportsbook Review and Safest Betting Sites. 

Furthermore, I discovered that almost all reviews had a hidden motive. 

Not all reviews are deceptive, but if a sportsbook is mentioned, there’s a strong chance the link is an affiliate one, and the website will be compensated for referring the new customer. 

Simply remember this and avoid accepting every review at its value.

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