8 Tips to Get the Most Savings on Cyber Monday

For deal lovers all across the county, there are two extra special days they wait for all year; Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In today’s post, we will be taking a closer look at the second one. It’s a day that combines all the best prices and products of Black Friday with the ease and convenience of shopping online.

But just because your favorite clothes or electronics may already be slashed when these digital discount frenzies begin doesn’t mean you can get even better deals! To find the best Cyber Monday deal, all it takes is a little bit of effort in the form of research. Or, you can let us do the hard work scouring the internet and come back with 8 ways to get even more discounts on Cyber Monday.

1. Check Out the Deals at Various Online Coupon Sites

Did you know that on top of the already amazing savings available on the holiest of online shopping days, you can also receive additional discounts when you join coupon clubs online? Shop around to find which sites offer the most member benefits and best discounts.

2. Keep Up with Your Favorite Stores on Social Media

Advertising and marketing are getting much more common and aggressive online, as the most active demographic also becomes the most sought-after consumer demographic. Follow all your favorite retailers on their social media accounts for their best Cyber Monday deal.

3. Opt-In to Retail Newsletters to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals

Even though Cyber Monday is a product of the modern era, retailers still use the traditional advertising means of the previous one. Straight-to-your-mailbox newsletters can still reveal some of the best deals you’ll see anywhere.

4. Stockpile Discounted Gift Cards

You don’t have to wait right up until the big day to start getting your Cyber Monday rebates. Take advantage of the discounts retailers offer on their gift cards throughout the year. Then, use them to make purchases on the day of the big event to maximize your savings.

5. Establish and Stay within a Budget

The first and most important rule for saving the most money is this; make a budget and stick to it. If it’s for holiday gifts, don’t go over the agreed-to amounts. If it’s for groceries, make a list, and so on.

6. Check Out Price Comparison Tools

Don’t just jump at the first ad or email you get regarding a Cyber Monday deal, use a price comparison tool to make sure that same item isn’t available somewhere else for even less money.

7. Stay Up Late or Get Up Early

Sometimes the best Cyber Monday deals come in the wee hours of the morning. This may require you to be awake at 3 am to get that 60% off laptop you’ve had your eye on.

8. Browse in Private or Incognito

Many people are surprised to learn that prices they see on their mobile devices are often set based on their zip code. By using a VPN or turning off your location, you can many times receive an even bigger discount.

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