6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cat Off the Kitchen Counters!

Kitties love high spots, and the kitchen offers them just that. The dining table, high shelves, dressers, and counters provide them horizontal and vertical space to walk around, climb, and leap. In short, your cooking corner may be perceived as a kitty haven by your fur ball. You need to watch your furry baby’s antics, so they don’t get into needless trouble.

Keep your furry friend off the kitchen counters for two reasons: They romp around indoors, outdoors (backyard, garden, etc.), visit their litter boxes, and carry the dirt to all places they stop by. And the kitchen can be a scary place for your kitty; there can be hot frying pans on the counters, dishwashing liquids on the shelves, or chocolate-laden desserts on plates that can be toxic to your pet if ingested.

The chances of pet accidents and poisoning can be high in a place like this. Cheap cat insurance covers your furball for non-routine vet visits, accidents, injuries, pet health emergencies, and more. If you don’t have cat insurance already, consider comparing insurance for pets online and request quotes to get a brief idea of the potential savings you can make on your kitty cat’s annual health expenses.

While you explore various pet insurance plans, learn why kitty cats love kitchen counters and how to take their attention off these places.

Why do cats love kitchen counters?

  1. Cats love to climb inside/outside your home (and on the counters), just as they do in the wild. They are born predators who need a clear view of their prey from a vantage point and take shelter in high places to protect themselves from larger animals looking out for them.
  2. Cats scan their surroundings (including your kitchen counters) to know the territory they are dealing with. Once they get familiar, navigating the place can be a cakewalk when they want to attack, run or hide. Also,
  3. Just check if there is a window view from your kitchen counter. Cats enjoy watching birds and little critters in the yard. A counter with a window view serves mental stimulation and a life enrichment opportunity for your kitty while you get busy with kitchen chores.
  4. Cats are highly sensitive to smells. The kitchen counter is perfect for treating your fur baby’s little nose to different odors. So, the kitty picks up scents on the counters right from the time you prepare food till it goes to the storage.

How to take a cat’s attention off the kitchen counters?

  1. Instead of punishing or prohibiting your fur baby, you can redirect their attention to better things that can offer them physical and mental stimulation. Teach them through positive reinforcement so they learn acceptable behavior.
  2. Buy some cat trees of varying heights. You can scatter them in home areas where your kitty would like to spend time. Also, hide some cat toys on the cat trees to encourage your kitty to play around them.
  3. Put together a lively outdoor area. You can have some flowering and fruit plants that attract birds, bees, butterflies, and other critters. Fix some bird feeders, and open the patio door and window curtains so your kitty can watch things unfolding in the garden area while sitting inside.
  4. Clear the junk off windowsills, back of your couch, and unused shelves, so your furry royalty has enough places to discover and rest on instead of your kitchen counter.
  5. You can bring some treat dispenser toys and place them on the kitchen floor so your kitty can focus on their play and treats while you prep meals.
  6. Interact and bond with your fur baby at other times during the day, so they don’t miss you while you are held up cooking food in the kitchen.

The more opportunities your kitty has to explore, the more risks you may have to deal with. With cheap cat insurance, your kitty can be covered for diagnosis and treatment during unwarranted pet incidents, third-party liability, and more. Look for insurance for pets online to learn about various pet plans, covered health benefits, and possible financial savings you can make before you buy a policy.

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