5 Tips To Help You Claim Your Workers Compensation Benefits In South Carolina

Your work environment can result in an injury that may be eligible for compensation. However, a workers’ compensation claim can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the laws in South Carolina or if your employer and insurance company are not ready for fair play. Fortunately, the workers’ attorneys, among other resources, can help help you get through the process from start to finish and successfully claim your benefits. The following are tips to help you successfully claim your workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina.

1.   Hire a Reliable Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The first step to help you successfully claim your workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina is to hire Workers’ Compensation Attorneys. Hiring a lawyer is essential because many regulations accompany these claims, and if you fail to follow them, your claim may not bear any fruits. A lawyer can guide you through all of these steps, so hiring one from day one is essential. However, hiring a reliable lawyer is just as important.

Failing to find a knowledgeable attorney could end up costing you thousands of dollars, especially if it takes longer than expected for your claim to get approval by South Carolina’s Department of Labor. Hiring a qualified attorney can help you get your benefits faster than trying to do it alone. The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner they can begin building a solid case for you.

2.   Understand Your Rights and Responsibilities

Be sure to understand your rights as an employee and what you can expect if you suffer injuries on the job. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation if you get hurt on the job in South Carolina. However, understand that not all workplace injuries fall under a workers’ compensation policy in South Carolina. Such include;

  • Federal Workers
  • Railroad workers
  • Agricultural workers

It’s also crucial to know your rights and what to do if you get injuries that don’t meet the claim criteria. Having a reliable workers’ compensation attorney will help you understand your rights and thus make informed decisions about claiming benefits when it matters most. After all, most employers will not explain what steps you should take after you suffer injuries on their watch; that’s why having a personal advocate can make such a difference. If you have any questions about compensation, don’t hesitate to speak with a lawyer before filing compensation claims.

3.   Ensure You Fill Your Claim Form Correctly and Expediently

Another crucial step to successfully filing your workers’ compensation claim is to fill out all of your forms correctly. Take your time, read each question carefully and answer them all as accurately as possible. It’s also essential to make sure that you organize yourself while filling out these forms. If you get nervous or anxious, it may be hard to stay on task. Keep yourself calm and collected by working in a quiet environment, away from interruptions or distractions.

However, it’s essential to have your workers’ comp attorney help keep things straight when filling out forms since mistakes can drastically affect your legibility to receive benefits. If you don’t understand something in the documents, ask for clarification; don’t assume that you know what it means. It can help avoid frustrations down the road.

4.   Be Determined And Don’t Stop Fighting

There’s only one way to get compensated for a workplace injury, and that’s by working through your employer’s insurance carrier. Unfortunately, they want to fight you every step of the way – but if you remain determined and refuse to give up, you can win. Insurance carriers don’t like paying out money in claims; that means it’s up to you to make sure that you use whatever resources are available to build a strong case and stand your ground.

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney will keep your case strong and offer you the muscle you need to forge ahead. Experienced attorneys have years of experience representing workers and fighting large companies, and they may be able to work with your employer’s insurance company or appeal directly on your behalf. So, don’t feel guilty about doing everything possible till you receive your rightful compensation!

5.   Learn What You Are Entitled To

You first need to learn about your benefits to claim them properly. If your employer does not provide you with workers’ compensation, talk to an attorney about protecting yourself and what benefits you are entitled to receive. Your attorney will help you receive benefits to help cover your injury-related burdens such as;

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Other monetary burdens as a result of your injury


If you happen to suffer injuries on the job and now can’t work because of it, it’s natural to want to cover your losses. Fortunately, there are government programs in place to make sure that happens. As a resident of South Carolina, it may be easier than you think to claim your workers’ compensation benefits if you hire workers’ compensation attorneys from a reliable firm like the LPW Law Firm. They will help you with all your legal needs so that you can recover from your physical and financial injuries without stress.

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