5 reasons the whole family will love Greece

Depending on which side of the fence you reside, the idea of holidaying with the whole family could either fill you with delight or fill you with dread.  After all, you need to weigh up the creation of priceless memories with the stomping of tiny feet in airports.  There’s the quality time versus the obvious slower travel pace, and doing something new altogether versus not being able to do things that are really only going to be suitable or fully enjoyed by either the little ones or the fully-grown adults.  But we think a Greece tour with the family might be the perfect solution – and here’s why:

Did you know the authoritative Travel Bulletin has named Greece the best family holiday destination?  It’s because Greece is all about the family, as close-knit communities all over the perfectly-situated southern European nation make mums, dads, kids, uncles and aunties welcome and safe wherever they go.  And that applies whether you’re exploring one of the thousands of islands, an historical archaeological site, a white-sanded beach, or simply enjoying some tapas before a well-earned afternoon siesta.

So while you’ll find plenty of guides as to why the kids will love Greece, not many of them acknowledge that adults want to travel not just because the kids will love it – but because mum and dad will enjoy the ride just as much!  So why should you make a Greece family tour the next item on your bucket list?:

1. The vibe

As an adult, you may have already visited Greece – and clearly remember that old Mediterranean beach vibe of Italy or France circa 1955, with picture-perfect harbours, unforgettable coloured boats, and none of the bustle of the more popular resorts.  And while your kids might not necessarily exclaim “Hooray” when you tell them about the idyllic charm, their hearts won’t be able to resist the unfamiliar adoration that the chilled out locals will give them as they build a sandcastle.

2. The food

Ask your kids if they love Greek food.  If they’re not sure, they probably won’t be won over by tales of calamari, houmous, stuffed peppers, anchovies and whitebait.  But then again, they almost certainly haven’t experienced it in authentic Greek style, where the whole family gathers around and every word from every set of lips is suddenly all about not only about the delicious tastes, but the unforgettable experience of trying something new and being pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

3. The beauty

Close your eyes, and think of Greece.  If you saw crystal pale blue waters, iconic whitewashed houses, pink evening skies and quaint seaside villages, you’re almost there – but not quite.  That’s because you’ll be missing out on what the kids are experiencing – which, let’s be honest, is so far away from the grey, functional suburbia they’re used to that they’ll feel as though it’s a different planet.  With basically the largest coastline in all of Europe, a truly child-friendly spot is always just around the corner, but that diversity means a wild hike in a mountain range or an exciting gorge, or a wander around a pink and purple village complete with authentic cobbled streets, can always be enjoyed by one and all.

4. The history

If you tell the kids they’re going to just love indulging in the historic myths of some of the world’s most famous and ancient civilisations, they might just roll their eyes.  Tell them about the Titans, though, who once ruled the world as Atlas and Zeus, and those rolling eyes will quickly light up.  Better yet, find them a genuine temple ruin dedicated to their favourite Greek God, and experience what it’s like to be in the presence of a child as they witness history coming to life.  Visit precisely where Theseus fought the minotaur, climb the Acropolis, or go where the Olympics began – Olympia.

5. The value

As head of the family, sometimes a family trip is as much about the money as it is about the experience.  Well, you’re in luck – because for much less than the cost of a family meal back home, you can stay in a gorgeous boutique hotel for the night and still have some change.  Grab a train or bus, discover how easily you can walk it from place to place, discover the incredible discrepancy between fresh red mullet at home and in Greece, and take note of all the days in which visiting a famous Greek tourist spot is absolutely free.

Safe, affordable, spectacular … snorkling!  What’s not to love about a quick family trip to Greece with the whole family?  No matter the season, not a single family member will ever forget the family-loving locals, the fascinating history, and the quick, cheap and toddler-friendly roadside souvlaki.  Are you ready to explore a Greece family tour?  Get in touch today and we’ll take you from there!

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