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5 Realtor Postcards Every Real Estate Agent Should Send

The old school method of using real estate postcards may seem like an outdated method to use especially to newbie real estate agents. However, this tested-and-tried method continues to produce a lot of incredible results, especially for the long haul.  This is because there is less competition for the target audience’s attention from emails and ads and the message you wish to convey is presented clearly.

It is also very easy to specify your target leads to your neighborhood and do all of this while incurring fewer costs than you would while using other forms of advertising.  Postcards are sure to make a long-lasting impression on the target audience and create a chain of referrals on their own.

A great real estate postcard can capture the eye of the recipient with its unique design.  When seeking to start with realtor postcards, here are five unique and important postcards to consider:

Just –listed postcards:

The purpose of this realtor postcard is to keep the recipient informed on properties that have just been listed. The majority of houses that are captured in such postcards are unique, vintage, or luxury houses. These are more likely to have your target audience intrigued.  Such postcards are especially excellent referral chains, even though the receiver will not buy from you, they might know someone who needs to buy and refer them to you.

Expired listing postcards:

Sometimes in the process of selling a house, a seller may have an expired listing and fail to sell the house within the stipulated time frame. In such cases, they may have the choice of moving to work with a new real estate agent or staying on with the same one. With expired listing postcards, you can be able to target such sellers and seek to sign them to resell the house with them.

Real estate farming postcards:

The realtor postcards under this category are useful when generating leads by touching on different points that may be important to the potential clients. You can show the recipients exactly which problems your skill sets can solve and how they can contact you. Once you have written down all the necessary information, you can then send out the mail and then wait to get calls from the leads.

Digital marketing postcards:

The reason for sending postcards and doing other forms of advertising is to convince clients that you can sell them the right products or sell them on their behalf. One way of doing so is by showing that you have a strong online presence that can be able to make more leads and sales for your potential clients.  You can leave links and ways for them to access the social media platforms so that they can explore the pages on their own.

Just sold postcards:

Realtor postcards that show the houses you just sold are great because they help promote your businesses’ legitimacy while attracting those people seeking to sell their houses. Seeing that houses in your business were sold within their listing period or even before will give them confidence in you.


Realtor Postcards are definitely for the long game and as you go into advertising with them, be sure to keep your expectations in check and be patient. Using realtor postcards for your business is the gift that keeps on giving for sure. Once your sales bloom begins from leads, there will be no stopping you.

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