5 Popular Designs Found On Onam Special Dresses

Buying Onam special dress for a little girl is an exciting task for parents. Though fashion trends are constantly evolving, parents might be particular about finding an Onam special dress like an Onam skirt and top from the best stores with a specific pattern. In this blog, we will explore some popular designs found on an Onam special dress comprising of Onam skirt and top and many more.

1. Floral Designs

Onam is the festival of flowers, and nothing goes well with the aura of Onam than an Onam special dress with floral designs. Some types of Onam special floral dress found online include skirt and blouse combo with floral pattern on the blouse, skirt and blouse combo with floral pattern on the skirt, and those with floral design on both the skirt and blouse.

2. Flowers, Flute, And Peacock Feather Combo

While flute and peacock feathers are two images that are closely related to lord Krishna, these days, there are a lot of takers for Onam dresses with this pattern as well. So these two elements and flowers spread here and there are perfect for giving the Onam special dresses a divine touch.

3. Butterfly And Floral Combo

Nothing looks as beautiful as a butterfly collecting nectar from a flower. Keeping this in mind, another popular pattern many brands use on an Onam special dress is a butterfly and floral combo. This combo, complimented with a bit of imagination related to the colors and materials used in making this dress, is sure to make you go for dresses with such designs for Onam more than once.

4. Kathakali Pattern

Similar to how the butterfly and floral combo designs are in demand during the Onam season, many brands also come up with Onam special dresses with Kathakali designs. Though many brands might choose this type of traditional design for many other occasions dresses, like birthday special dresses, you can undoubtedly say that dresses with such designs will be perfect for Onam. Kathakali is one of Kerala’s famous art forms, and nothing can beat the beauty of a kathakali design made out of a Kasav thread, especially on Onam dresses.

5. Kasavu Dots

While some may be a huge fan of dresses with elaborate embroidery, some may like to keep it as simple as possible. As a festival celebrated by all Keralites alike, many fashion stores also make it a point to include simple yet elegant dresses in their collection. One of the most common designs in simple dresses is a dot pattern made of Kasavu threads. Some dresses have it on some part of the skirt. However, some others may have it on their bodice.

With different Onam special dresses like Onam skirt and tops coming with various patterns, you will have enough options to buy an outfit that suits your preferences. Moreover, these days many stores also allow creating customized dresses as per your choice. Therefore, purchasing an Onam special dress will be a more pleasing experience for you than how it used to be.

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