5 Mandatory Plumbing Aspects Your Commercial Plumber Can Take Care Of

Employing the wrong contractor for the job is often one of the biggest mistakes commercial property owners make. Running your business should remain your number one focus, so it’s crucial to have the right contractors on stand-by to deal with routine maintenance and potential emergencies. Let them do what they’re good at, so you can do what you’re good at.

An important contractor to have on your contact list is one of the commercial plumbers Melbourne and other Australian cities rely on to keep their plumbing in check. Additionally, commercial plumbers are essential to keep your business compliant with many regulations.

Commercial Plumbers – Your Organisation’s Best Friend

Whether you own or simply just manage the property your business operates on, you’re no doubt aware of the many regulations and legislations that your organisation needs to comply with. Fortunately, a certified plumber can assist with this.

With the right commercial plumber and a few mandatory routine inspections, a big chunk of your work is easily taken care of. Keep reading as we highlight the top functions a commercial plumber can assist you with.

1. Backflow Testing

As per Australian regulations, it’s mandatory to have backflow prevention systems tested every 12 months. It’s important to get a professional to perform the backflow testing Melbourne businesses need to do. This is essential to prevent the risk of any water contamination.

In addition to regulation, here are a few crucial reasons to keep your backflow maintained.

  • Potential water contamination: If your business lacks a backflow prevention device, unclean water can lead to several water-borne illnesses. This can affect the community around your property.
  • Legal liabilities are expensive: If customers or other community members become ill as a result of your faulty backflow system, there could be legal ramifications. Medical bills and legal costs can lead to a considerable financial loss to your company.
  • Fines and business closure: Aside from the potential legal costs, your organisation could receive fines and penalties for non-compliance. These types of fines are also bad for your business reputation.

2. Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV)

Simply put, a TMV combines your hot and cold water to ensure that running water is always at a safe temperature. This prevents scalding when staff or customers use the water. Having water at the right temperature is also an effective way to prevent bacteria such as legionella to breed in your water pipes.

Australian regulation dictates that all TMVs have a maximum temperature of 50°C. Part of TMV maintenance means that the commercial plumber will test and ensure the temperature remains constant and safe for use. This type of maintenance is crucial to protect anyone using bathrooms or kitchens on your commercial property.

3. Fire Service Repairs & Replacement

It should go without saying that fire safety is mandatory in every business, no matter how big or small. It’s therefore crucial to ensure that fire safety equipment is not only positioned strategically but in full working order.

Another point worth mentioning is that equipment can become faulty over time. That means installing fire safety equipment once won’t keep it in working order if not used. Many accredited commercial plumbers provide fire service surveys, maintenance and repairs to ensure that your establishment is not only safe but compliant as well.

4. Trade Waste Installation & Maintenance

Depending on the type of business you’re running, it might be necessary to implement a trade waste program. Correctly disposing of water or other chemicals from commercial kitchens or industries keeps hazardous materials from ending up in the local water supply.

A few other benefits of investing in a trade waste program that meets government requirements, include some of the following:

  • Avoid costly shutdowns: Prevents costly shutdowns when a business needs to temporarily close to deal with hazardous waste
  • Safeguard the community: Protects the safety of sewer operators who come in contact with the chemicals that flow into water mains or the sewer system
  • Protect the environment: Keeps the environment safe from hazardous chemicals that might spill onto the surrounding ground or properties

5. Safety Shower and Eyewash Installation & Testing

As with the trade waste program, a safety shower or eye washing station is dependent on the type of business you’re running. The Australian National Standard dictates that businesses dealing with any hazardous chemicals must have the relevant safety showers and eye wash basins in place in case of chemical spills or burns.

The law further states that these safety stations be tested annually, and proof kept on record. Fortunately, there’s no need to enlist another specialised professional for this as the commercial plumber who assists with the other mandatory aspects can perform this test as well.

Final Thought

Enlisting the services of an accredited commercial plumber is the best way to take care of many of the mandatory aspects of your business. They’ll also provide you with the necessary documents to keep on file for yearly audit purposes. This will free you up to focus on equally important facets of your business such as being successful and profitable!

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