5 Best Ways To Utilize Address Autocomplete Feature

Address autocomplete is a famous feature that many businesses offering delivery services provide on their websites. The primary benefit of this option is it helps save the time of your customer. It can also help you reduce the typing errors of the client by offering address suggestions.

There are many other ways to utilize the address autocomplete feature for improving your business. Luckily, you will not have to look for them anymore. Here are the five best ways to utilize this feature.

Integrate The Feature With The Geolocation Option

Many customers in USA don’t like to type until they find their address on the autocomplete search bar. You can avoid this issue by integrating the tool with the geolocation option. This feature will allow you to offer better results by using the customer’s address location.

The best part about this option is that it will ensure the customer does not have to type many characters. It will also reduce the chances of typing errors. Remember, such mistakes may prevent the address autocomplete tool from offering suggestions.

So utilizing your tool with geolocation integration is best for a faster and more reliable process.

Avoid Scroll Bar Feature

US address autocomplete API is supposed to be a fast way of inputting an address. If your tool offers extensive results with the scrolling option, it will make the process slower. This is because the customer may have to review a long list to find their correct address.

A scrolling bar can also result in technical issues on your website. This is why you should utilize the address autocomplete feature without integrating a scroll bar on your website for automatic results.

Combine It With Your Validation Tool

If you’re a company offering address validation services, you can combine the offerings with the address autocomplete feature. The best part is that it will improve the reliability of the results. This is because the options will be correctly formatted because of the USPS address verification API.

Another great thing about offering address validation and autocomplete services in one package is that most businesses require both services together. So you can enjoy better profitability by combining the two features.

Use It For Non-Postal Addresses

Non-postal addresses are mainly those areas that are not in the USPS database. These locations are real, and items can be delivered there, but delivery to such areas may not be financially feasible for courier services. For instance, the location may be in a rural area.

You can utilize the address autocomplete feature on your website to offer suggestions for postal and non-postal addresses. This will make it easier for the clients to place an order. It will also allow you to offer a more comprehensive service to customers.

Integrate With A Real-Time Map

Another great way to utilize the address autocomplete feature is by integrating it with a real-time map. The customer can use suggestions for filling in the address. They may also have an additional option of pinpointing the location on a digital map.

The best thing about this is that it will improve the reliability of the address. Your tool can also determine whether the typed address matches the map location.

Closing Thoughts

These are the five ways to utilize the address autocomplete feature for your business. You may offer this option on your food delivery website or clothing brand platform. The best part is that the autocomplete feature will save the time of your customers.

It will eliminate errors and make deliveries to different areas less risky. You would not have to worry about extra delivery charges if the address was incorrect due to a typing mistake or invali

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