5 Areas to Implement Hoteling Software with Custom Programming

Hoteling software is the ideal system for booking workspaces and creating a workplace that is both motivational and worker-friendly. By using the software, you can find a workspace you want and learn more about the technologies used and  the location and the times available for use. Therefore, this type of software is the ideal program for determining employee use of a facility and keeping on top of how your workplace is being used.

In addition, you can tailor your hoteling software so you can use it in one of several ways. This will allow you to make operational decisions and improve your workplace culture and environment. Customization also enables you to secure your site so people feel safer and more confident.

The Questions You Need to Ask

To implement custom programming, you need to ask several questions. Take time to answer the following:

  • Where can I best use the software? (You can use the software for more than booking a desk or office space.)
  • Who will be using the software and how often will they need to make reservations?
  • What activities can I coordinate with an office hoteling system?
  • Is the software transparent and user-friendly?

After answering the above questions, you can review the 5 areas where you can include hoteling software in your office. The following details will help clue you in on making an informed decision.

1. Booking a Workspace

Most employers use hoteling software for workspace reservations. The system enables workers to book a workspace and learn more about the details of their chosen area. For example, if an employee needs a whiteboard and quiet area for a meeting, they can book a space that features these types of amenities.

2. Reserving a Parking Space

If you need to be on time for a meeting, the last thing you want to do is try to find a parking space. Hoteling software to the rescue! You can customize the program so employees can reserve a parking space, so they won’t have to contend with the time element involved in finding a space.

3. Reserving Tablets and Similar Equipment

You can design your hoteling software so employees can reserve projectors, whiteboards, or tablets with virtual and streamlined ease. That way, you will also know exactly how your equipment is.

4. Booking a Meeting or Conference Room

Customize your hoteling software to book a meeting facility or conference room. Doing so will help you more efficiently manage your time and give employees additional input with respect to projects and critical activities.

5. Reserving Desks in Co-Working Offices

Your hoteling software can also be used to book desks at co-working sites. Having this type of system in place will give your employees the ability to engage in projects that require ongoing collaboration and input from the team.

Use Hoteling Software to Improve Your Workplace’s Environment

Every business needs hoteling software – a system where employees can perform their work in a working environment that is both worker-friendly and, for the most part, stress-free. Look at your options for customization. Consider the dynamics of your workplace – use hoteling software to improve employee retention and to make your office a more secure and inviting place to work.

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