4 questions to ask a divorce lawyer in Houston

You have decided to file for divorce. Your next immediate step should be about seeking legal help. Texas allows for no-fault divorces. If you and your spouse can sort your marital issues and agree on separating amicably, you don’t need a year to finalize the divorce. The cooling-off period in Texas is just 60 days. You would eventually benefit from hiring a divorce lawyer in Houston, no matter the circumstances. Check the four questions you must ask when meeting an attorney in this post. 

What is your assessment of my divorce and situation?

People often assume that a divorce is just about ending the marriage. Yes, it does end your marriage, but the divorce will impact you financially and otherwise. It is important to assess the situation with an unbiased perspective. Let’s face it – divorce is an emotional decision and can cause unexpected trauma. At a time when your emotions are disoriented, you wouldn’t want to make key decisions. Meeting a lawyer is about understanding your circumstances. Your divorce lawyer will also offer an overview of the process. 

How long have you been a divorce lawyer in Texas?

You need a local divorce lawyer in Texas. This is highly important. Also, the lawyer needs to have relevant experience handling similar family law and divorce matters. You can ask about their experience in person, including their profile details. It is wise to be sure that your lawyer can take the divorce to court if needed. 

How much would you charge?

Most divorce lawyers work at an hourly rate. The longer you drag the process, the more you have to pay for the attorney’s work. A good lawyer will always ensure that matters are sorted amicably between two people. However, do get a ballpark estimate in advance. 

Will you work on my case personally?

It is common for many divorce lawyers to work for the same law firm. If the attorney is busy, they may assign the work to an associate. While that’s not a bad thing at all, you need to be sure that the assigned lawyer is available. Having access to the lawyer is important to ask questions and get updates on the case. If the lawyer is unavailable on a given day, their office should be responsive. 

You can check online to find the best-rated attorneys in Houston. Also, don’t forget to discuss your key marital concerns during the first meeting.

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