4 Key Conditions To Check Before Buying A Used Ktm In Bangalore

If you are a two-wheeler enthusiast then you must have heard about the Austria-based two-wheeler (bike, sports bike) manufacturer company named KTM. Right now, this company is a joint venture between Bajaj Auto International Holdings BV (which is an Indian manufacturer) and Pierer Mobility AG.

Although this famous bike manufacturer company has been there in the two-wheeler market for a significant amount of time (from the time of the second world war), the company launched its first bike in India in January 2012. India was already one of the biggest two-wheeler markets at the time of KTM’s arrival in India, therefore their popularity soon started to soar.

Now you can also buy used KTM bikes in Bangalore because the second hand KTM bikes are widely available all over the country. Before purchasing the widely popular second hand bikes of this company from a seller you need to make sure that the seller is able to meet some specific conditions before you can complete the deal.

Important conditions of properly checking the used KTM bikes in Bangalore before purchase

Conduct proper research as per your requirements

Initially, you will have to find out why you are willing to purchase used KTM bikes in Bangalore. The type of used KTM bike you want to purchase might vary depending on your requirement. Moreover, you will also be able to conduct proper and thorough research, if you have a clear idea of your necessity.

Also, this way you won’t depend upon anyone particularly to sell their bike. If you want to do proper market research then you can visit online second hand bike selling platforms such as Beepkart, where you will gain valuable information on used KTM bikes in Bangalore.

Inspect the KTM bike before giving your approval

If you happen to find the used KTM bikes in Bangalore then the next step is to thoroughly inspect the bike. You can also take the help of an expert or a professional mechanic before deciding to purchase the bike for yourself.

Ask for a test ride from the seller

Buying used KTM bikes in Bangalore without giving them a test ride is not a good idea at all. With the help of a test ride, you will know more about the bike’s overall performance. You can also make an expert or a mechanic accompany you when you are riding the bike. This way they can also assist you while you make your decision.

Checking the paperwork

KTM bikes are very special and if you are purchasing one of the bikes from KTM (even if is a second hand one) then you need to make sure that the seller of the bike has all the paperwork that is associated with it, including the toolbox and the manual. click here the website you can find out the lots of information blastace Read more about topportal

Here is a list of things that you will need to keep in mind while verifying the paperwork of the used KTM bikes in Bangalore:

Tax certificate

Every legitimate two-wheeler always has a Tax certificate. Make sure to ask the seller for it from the seller and check the Tax certificate of the used KTM in Bangalore before making up your mind. Please remember to also ask for the purchase or sales receipt from the original owner of the bike to further confirm the legality of the two-wheeler.

Model manual of the two-wheeler

Whenever a customer purchases a two-wheeler from any company the two-wheeler’s manufacturer provides its customer a particular manual for the designated model and KTM is not an exception. In this manual, you will be able to find all the details about the KTM bike, therefore ask the seller if they have the same.

No Objection Certificate or NOC

A No Objection Certificate is also required to transfer the ownership of the used KTM bikes in Bangalore from the seller to the buyer. Therefore, make sure that your bike seller has the same.

Legitimate Insurance

While going through the paperwork find out if there is a valid insurance for the bike because it has been deemed compulsory by the Indian government. Usually, people subscribe to third-party insurances, but it is recommended to sign up for a comprehensive insurance that will provide you all-round protection. Even if you are purchasing used KTM bikes in Bangalore, you can still opt for the same.

Entire service history

A fine example of a good two-wheeler vehicle is that the two-wheeler will have all the recorded service history from the authorized service center. It will signify that the previous owners have taken good care of the used KTM bikes in Bangalore before trying to sell them to others.

Pollution Under Control or PUC certificate

According to Indian law, every vehicle including two-wheelers that travels through Indian roads must necessarily possess a legitimate Pollution Under Control or PUC certificate all the time. Make sure to check out if the seller of the used KTM bikes in Bangalore has one. Otherwise, you will have to create a PUC certificate on your accord.

Registration certificate

Registration certificate or RC Book is also very important when verifying used KTM bikes in Bangalore. In the Registration certificate, you will be able to find the chassis number which should match with the chassis number written on the engine. Furthermore, the certificate will also mention the actual number of owners, the colour of the KTM bike, etc. all of which practically needs to be verified by you.


Although buying a brand new KTM is not feasible for everyone but you will be able to afford second hand or used KTM bikes in Bangalore with the help of an online second hand bike selling platform such as Beepkart. You will also be able to receive almost the same specifications as a new KTM but at a significantly lower price.

Moreover, online companies like Beepkart ensure that its customers receive all the benefits of the used bike without going through the complexities associated with the purchase of second hand or used KTM bikes in Bangalore such as paperwork, maintenance, vehicle history, etc. which creates a win-win scenario for the customers.

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