4 Best Scary Movies to Watch with your Friends

Halloween is a holiday not celebrated in this part of the world (Asia) but a very fun and entertaining festival. In order to enjoy the great horror classics with your friends on a big screen, something you can do is to organize a movie marathon with cinema hire. Here we recommend watching these scary movies with your friends:


It is a 2017 horror thriller film produced by Blumhouse. The synopsis focuses on Chris, who goes to meet the parents of Rose, his girlfriend. Chris discovers that Rose’s parents are hiding a terrible secret.

The film becomes recommendable because it has been proclaimed in less than a year as one of the best current horror films, due to the great effort and work that has been kept us in a state of constant tension and concern. Without a doubt you will not be disappointed to see it, it is one of the few current horror films that shows a fresh twist, after a great saturation of recycled ideas.


It is another very good film when it comes to horror movies. Strange things begin to happen in the Graham house after the death of the grandmother. Annie Graham, a gallery owner with two children, did not have a very happy childhood with her mother, and she believes that her death can turn the page. But everything gets complicated when her youngest daughter begins to see ghostly figures, which also begin to appear before her brother.

The good thing about this film is that they give us many tense moments, and the film gives a certain message about what psychological illnesses would be. Because you don’t know what is real and what isn’t, making us feel the same as the protagonists who go through that situation. A highly recommended movie to see something different and totally enjoyable for this Halloween.

28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later

The first premiered in 2002 and the second in 2007. These 2 movies get us into the theme of zombies. They are very good since they give you great suspense moments and concern when thinking about how the protagonists will survive.

They are films that will keep you on the edge of your seat to find out how the protagonists will get out of this predicament? , knowing how the story will unfold and trying to discover who could be the real danger, the zombies or the humans? If you are looking for something from the zombie genre, this recommendation is for you.


As a finishing touch to finish this list, how can we not mention one of the most fictional characters? We are obviously talking about Michael Myers.

In this case, all its sagas are very enjoyable. You will be satisfied to see what Michael is capable of and how he never gives up fulfilling his objective. The entire sagas are highly recommended and you will not take your eyes off the screen.

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