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3 Ways to Grow your Influence on Social Media

Building a following via social media is similar to building credibility in the real world. You should remain focused on your mission and interact with your audience constantly, but you should also stay trustworthy. That’s why it’s crucial to understand there is no easy formula for gaining popularity on social media. One of the best ways to become influential involves understanding how to make things work to your advantage.

A simple way to build your following on social media is to remain active. You should earn a following by sharing content on multiple platforms related to the content you are already publishing. Consequently, if you are using Facebook to market your business, it would be worthwhile to utilize agency tools to facilitate the whole post-scheduling process and focus your main efforts on building your brand reputation.

It’s also important to be transparent, meaning when things change at work or in your life, be sure to let your followers know about it. There is nothing more practical than having a blog where you can tell people exactly what is happening in your life and business.

Last but not least, share your unique perspective. As a result, you can differentiate yourself from your peers on social media and stand out from the crowd. Here are three tips for growing your influence on social media.

1. Express Your Unique Perspective

To achieve online popularity, you should express your unique perspective. Providing a distinct viewpoint is an exciting way to boost your following on social media by enabling others to experience the environment around you. By sharing your unique viewpoint, you provide others with an avenue to look at things differently than they might otherwise, thereby enabling them to discover new insights.

The most important thing when sharing your opinion is to make sure it’s expressed in an accessible manner, allowing them to incorporate meaningful experiences into their everyday lives. If your audience cannot comprehend the concept you’re attempting to convey through the written word, reviewing the piece is essential. Hence, no matter what content creation method you use, it should be easy to understand yet engaging enough to make the reader remain captivated for a long time to get through the piece.

2. Understand Your Audience

To increase your popularity on social media, it is imperative to determine the preferences of your audience, how they feel about certain things, and the types of content they are comfortable with accessing. This allows you to develop an appropriate marketing strategy based on the business or blog you maintain while considering the requirements and expectations of your intended audience. This can be accomplished by conducting surveys on Facebook Messenger or interacting with them over the phone. As soon as you have gathered enough details about your ideal customer and how they would prefer their concerns to be addressed, then you are well prepared to begin producing a piece of content to satisfy those requirements.

3. Be Authentic & Consistent Across Platforms

Consistency is a vital component of building your presence on social media. Being consistent helps you establish credibility among your audience and also enables you to gain recognition for your expertise in a particular industry. By posting regularly on multiple platforms, your audience won’t just know what to anticipate from you, as they will also begin to understand the significance of your sharings.

Maintaining consistency goes beyond merely creating content regularly; you should also be genuine and consistent when attempting to build instant communication with customers on social media networks. In short, it entails expressing sincerity in your responses to users’ inquiries while keeping a positive attitude towards every interaction, regardless of whether the topic is trivial or sophisticated.


Pick the most appropriate social media networks, develop meaningful interaction with your customers, and speak in a cohesive tone. Once you incorporate the following tips into your approach, you will be on the right path to establishing solid and meaningful relationships with your audience. 

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