3 Tips for Traveling To and From Philadelphia

Many people enjoy visiting the city of Philadelphia for various reasons. Some find the culinary scene a compelling reason to spend time in the City of Brotherly Love. Others treasure seeing historic sites central to the formation of America. These include Carpenters Hall and Independence Hall. Furthermore, art lovers will enjoy the Philadephia Museum of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Work-related activities may also bring guests to Philadelphia. For example, you may need to journey to the city to conduct business with one of its prominent technology companies or to attend meetings, trade shows or conventions as a representative for your firm. No matter your reasons for venturing to and from this exciting city, you will likely need to prepare for your visit with some planning. Numerous individuals have found that three tips offer excellent advice when they travel to or from this beautiful town.

1. Airport Tips

Philadelphia International Airport serves as the city’s primary air transportation location. If you plan to travel by air, it can help you to understand what offsite airport parking is if you arrive or leave the airport by car. Specifically, you would park off airport grounds in lots or garages. The benefits of offsite airport parking focus on cost-effectiveness compared to typical parking fees on airport grounds.

To make this option work, check ahead of time to determine the availability of shuttle services from the offsite parking lot to the airport, and check if you can reserve your parking spot ahead of time. Many find value in utilizing these suggestions for making your travel day more peaceful and stress-free.

2. Train Tips

Visitors also come to Philadelphia via the 30th Street Train Station, which includes Amtrak service. In addition to transferring from other trains, extra transportation modes include buses, subways and taxis for reaching this largest train station in Philadelphia. Although the station operates every day around the clock, best practices involve arriving half an hour before your train departure time. Many guests find it easiest to take public transportation directly to the train station, but you could also walk the last portion of the trip to the station to arrive on time to board.

3. Car Tips

Many drive their cars on the New Jersey Turnpike or the Pennslyvania Turnpike to reach Philadelphia by car. You can find rental cars and parking available for the purpose, or you might choose, for convenience, to travel on public transit when inside this quite walkable city.

Travelers who keep these tips in mind find getting to and from Philadelphia easier than expected. Therefore, make plans now to enjoy your stay in this historic and engaging city.

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