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3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

We all have been there where we thought we didn’t need to call in the local plumbing services and fix certain things on our own – only a few passed, and those knew one thing or another about plumbing. Rest assured, certain aspects of water pipes and kitchen sinks cannot be detected by the eyes, and if not detected and assessed timely, these “issues” can turn into big disasters.

Luckily, certain tell-tale signs let the homeowner know that they need to call their plumber or benefit from a 24 Hour Water Mitigation service.

Read on to learn more about X tell-tale signs that you need a plumber.

No Water in the Taps

Think about the following scenario: you wake up on Monday morning at the usual time, get to the bathroom sink, and to your greatest horror, you have no water coming from the taps. What do you do in such a situation?

Instead of throwing a fit, call your neighbor and ask them whether they have a similar issue. If the neighbor agrees, call the plumber and ask them to figure out where this problem is coming from. If your neighbor denies having this problem, it is a red flag that you have a serious problem, such as a burst water pipe or water leakage that needs to be fixed immediately.

Call the plumber and have the problem fixed instantly without any further delay. Different causes could lead to no water in the taps, such as frozen pipes – however, frozen pipes are usually part of the colder season. Other causes include major water leaks, which can potentially damage the foundation of your house – not to mention the rising water bills added to your name.

No Warm Water

Ideally, your water should warm up after a couple of hours, even after your family has used the warm water for their extra-long showers. If you face recurrent problems involving the absence of warm water in the taps and showerhead, you need to call a plumber and get the situation assessed.

It can either be a small issue or a serious one – the plumber will help you determine the ongoing issue. Sometimes, there is no warm water because the pilot lights have gone out. Your hot water tank might be too small to keep the warm water stored.

The plumber will assess all potential possibilities that might have caused the problem by checking all heating elements at your house, including the fuses, thermostats, and igniters.

Low Water

Ideally, when you open the water taps, water should be flowing out with full force. However, if you detect low water pressure, don’t delay but call the professional expert instantly. Sometimes, low water pressure is caused by a clogged aerator – this typically happens in the bathroom faucets.

You don’t necessarily need to call a plumber to fix the clogged aerator, as you can clean the sediment yourself. However, low water pressure is also caused by broken water pipes and water leaks. Just call the plumber straight away to have the problem fixed immediately.

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