3 Misconceptions about People with Hearing Loss

For a very long time, it was considered that hearing loss makes a person look weak. A lot of people considered it as a stigma where they thought that hearing impairments and hearing loss is a stigma altogether. The use of hearing aids had made people very uncomfortable, it gave a picture as if the person is very old that his own hearing has been lost.

In today’s time, the stigma has just disappeared with a number of renowned people using hearing aids. With the change in the technology and the use of earphones and earphones increasing, it doesn’t look awkward anymore. Regardless, according to the best ent specialist in Lahore, there are still people in the world that are not clear about the ones that suffer from hearing loss or the ones that use hearing aids.

With the world shifting completely in the 21st century,  it is very important to initiate these conversations where the misconceptions related to deafness, hearing loss, and aids should be discussed. Before initiating this conversation, let’s have a look at the misconceptions that have been spread among people.

1. Use of loud Voice Helps People with Hearing Loss to Understand Better

The increase in the volume is only one domain of the solution, however, the more important thing here is the clarity. The quality of the voice and the sound is very important and the increase in volume only distorts the quality of the sound.

In order to obtain the needed quality with clarity people with hearing issues require something like a microphone that goes straight into the ears and provides clear sound. The assistive listening systems can help greatly.

It is appreciated to sit near the people who have difficulty hearing. It is considered very unethical when you yell and try to make the other person understand what you are trying to say.

2. All of the people with Hearing Loss use Lip Reading Techniques and Sign Language

There is a spectrum that exists, through that spectrum it can be noted who is mild to completely deaf. And the way Of communication of every deaf person varies. This can be chosen by looking at the factors like the degree of hearing loss, age of the person, the nature of the listening, and the implant in use.

There is a huge number of people who don’t prefer to talk in sign language. But there is still a good number of people who use sign language to communicate. As far as lip reading is concerned, a lot of people do rely on reading lips. It is also called speech-reading, it has always been very helpful as a residual hearing even when many of the sounds of speech are intermingled.

3. Hearing Aids Can Restore Hearing Completely

It is impossible to get back your normal hearing when you are wearing a hearing aid or a device to improve hearing. It works just like glasses work for the eyes. These can be women and as you wear them they bring improvement. After their removal they make the vision blurred again.

Hearing aids are used to improve the clarity of the voice that is being heard. It also improves certain frequencies of the sound to make them audible. The improvement that one feels after using hearing aids depends on a number of factors. You only are able to listen better if the environmental factors go along with you, age also plays an important role and the time of the onset of hearing loss also matters.

4. People with Hearing Loss are Defined By it

It is just a characteristic like others. The color, height, and weight of a person are included in the characteristics. Just like that, hearing loss is a loss of characteristics. It is important to be mindful of the terms that you use for the person.

It is very important to address the person with the name and call them “a person who is short of hearing”, “a person is deaf”, or “a person with hearing loss”.


Hearing loss is not to be ashamed of. It is important to make sure that the myths and the misconception around hearing loss are understood and facts are stated.

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