3 cool tricks to fake freckles makeup that influencers use all the time

In the past, people didn’t want to identify with freckles, as a matter of fact, if you had them, you’d try your utmost best to conceal them. Today on the other hand they have become trendy and lots of celebrities and influencers fake having freckles all the time. You’ll see stars like Lucy Boynton, Bella Handid, and Zolee Griggs faking freckles. If you live on social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram odds are you have probably seen someone post a picture wearing fake freckles.

So what’s the fuss all about? Why are freckles becoming so popular? The answer is people are trying to have a more natural look so if you aren’t lucky enough to have natural freckles you can absolutely fake them and join other celebrities and influencers in this ongoing trend. If you don’t know how to fake freckles then you are in the right blog post. In this guide, I’ll be giving you 3 cool tricks to fake freckles just like the popular celebrities and influencers you see on social media.

How to fake freckles using makeup

If you want to make fake freckles on your face, I’ll be giving you 3 simple and cool tricks to achieve fake freckles and at the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to wear fake freckles and make those awesome shots you like posting on Instagram and other social media platforms or use it to attend an upcoming event and have a natural yet beautiful look.

Trick 1: How to acquire rounder, circular freckle dots

Before you’ll be able to wear fake freckles you’ll have to purchase a freckle product that’ll help you achieve that natural freckle look. There are several products in the market today that you can use to achieve it and some of the best in the market today includes: Freck and Lottie London.

To achieve round freckle dots, you’ll need a brow pencil. Brow pencils are perfect if you want to have a more natural look or appearance. When using a brow pencil, ensure that the pencil you are using matches your hair colour and has a warmer tone.

Trick 2: How to acquire a spattered, tinier freckled look

To acquire this natural look, you’ll need to grab a product that’s formulated specially for faux beauty marks. One of such products is the FRECK OG. This product has a pigmented buildable liquid formula that’ll remain on all skin types. With this product, you wouldn’t have to worry even if you had dry skin. 

Now for the look, you’ll need to use the product together with brush-based products to achieve a more speckled rather than the dotted nature you’ll get when you use a brow pencil.

Trick 3: How to use freckles to cover blemishes 

If you intend to use fake freckles to cover blemishes then you should use darker pigments. Why? It’s better because darker pigments have a larger surface area which ensures that your zits are properly covered.


The tricks above will help you in achieving that fake freckles look that you have always wanted. If you looking forward to applying fake freckles on your face not only because you want to join the online trend but to cover blemishes on the face you do not want. Then a better alternative would be to try broadband light therapy. This therapy will treat several skin conditions like acne, spider veins, and even rosacea. Asides from skin treatment, they also even out skin tone, texture, and help in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

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