3 Cool Party Activities That Celebrity Look Alike Are Perfect For

Celebrity impersonators might not be perfect for every event, but they can make a huge difference in the events they are part of!  These are the top things they can do at your party, and why hiring one of these professionals could be the best call!

What Parties Are Celeb Impersonators Good for?

Celebrity impersonators are great for a large range of parties, from corporate events to retirement celebrations, but there are just a few things you need to ask yourself when deciding if they’re perfect for your event or not.

What’s the mood of the event?  If you’re trying to get people laughing and having a good time, and you know the guests have a great sense of humor, a celebrity impersonator could be a great addition!  This isn’t the case for a more serious event.

What’s your budget like?  If you’re not sure if you can afford them, you either need to loosen up your budget or plan for the next event so they’ll be in your budget at that point.

1- Helping Host the Event!

One of the best ways to use your celebrity impersonator is as the MC!  If this skilled look-alike is able to thrill and entertain the crowd by ushering them from event to event throughout the party, nobody will leave disappointed.  If this is going to be their role, let them know what you need of them ahead of time!

2- Performing to Stun the Guests

Are your celebrity impersonators those of singers or other performers?  Consider putting on a show and hiring a celebrity impersonator who can croon to the crowd when it’s time for entertainment!  

Make sure to talk to the performer ahead of time to ensure this is something they’re capable of doing and something that will excite them.  We want everyone at the event to have a great time.

3- Hosting the Photo Booth!

If your party has a photo booth with props, there’s no way to make it more exciting and fun than to have a celebrity impersonator for people to pose with and have fun interacting with!  This will make for a huge selection of pictures that everyone will want to cherish for the years to come and will stir tons of conversations online! 

How to Find the Perfect Impersonator

As soon as you know you’re throwing an event you might want an impersonator at: it’s important to take the time and start shopping around!  Although you may feel like you’re calling too early, or you might want to avoid jumping the gun: it’s vital to give any entertainment as much of a heads up as possible.  This will ensure you can book who you want and will give them the chance to perfect whatever you need them to do before they arrive!

There’s Nothing Like a Celebrity Look Alike to Make Things Interesting

Celebrity impersonators are a lot of fun, regardless of the event.  Take the time to plan how and when they’ll be useful at your party, and it’ll be one your guests never stop talking about!

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