10 Most Popular Vape Liquids on the Market Today

Some people have given up smoking, and many are glad they did. That’s because vape juice offers the vaper a virtual array of flavors. Moreover, companies have narrowed down the choices by offering juices that have a fresh menthol taste and include a variety of taste-friendly flavors to enhance the effect.

So, what are the ten most popular vape liquids you can choose from? You only have to review the following list, and you’ll be hooked on the selection. What you choose in vape juice will depend on your mood and whether or not you have a heavy smoking history.

1. Blueberry Raspberry Fizz Menthol Vape Liquid

The most popular menthol vape liquid with fruity pizzazz is blueberry raspberry fizz. This sensation-producing vape liquid mixes blueberry and raspberry with a lemonade-type zing like all menthol vape juices. You’ll love this vape product, as it satisfies your senses with its sweet and sour aromas and tastes.

2. The Delectable Appeal of Strawberry Sweet

You can also vape a sweet strawberry juice that allows you to experience the essence of strawberry. That added sweetness makes it seem like you’re vaping a fruit-type candy.

3. The Flavor of Blueberry Cool

You’ll love the menthol combined with blueberry in this vaping liquid. After all, who doesn’t like blueberry, especially when it has a cool aftertaste?

4. Sour Green Apple

If you tend to migrate toward more sour fruit flavors, you’ll like the distinct sharpness of a sour green apple vaping juice. You can’t help but agree that the juice is one you can’t help liking.

5. Sweet Peppermint Mint

If you like things sweeter, you’ll want to include sweet mint in your stash of vaping liquids. Not only is it deliciously sweet, but it also freshens your breath.

6. Watermelon Ice Liquid

If you want to combine watermelon with an ice cool sensation, watermelon ice was made for you. You’ll experience the feeling of summer throughout the year when you do.

Note: You can buy the first six most popular menthol liquids in a bundle. That way, you can find out which ones you personally like the best.

7. Menthol Tobacco Blend

If you’ve just stopped smoking, you may like opting for a menthol tobacco blend instead of a fruit or mint-flavored vape liquid. However, that does not mean you should not try the other flavors. They’re sure to capture your interest as well.

8. Icy Spearmint Mint

Some vape liquids feature a spearmint gum taste with a bit of cooling added for enhanced refreshment. It takes you back to chewing gum on a drowsy summer afternoon savefromnet.

9. Chocolate Vaping Liquid

You’ll like this cocoa mint sensation if you’re a great fan of chocolate, especially mint chocolate. This juice was made for anyone who is a true chocolate connoisseur.

10. Blueberry Crumble Dessert

Blueberry crumble is a top selection for anyone who loves dessert and appreciates tangy sweetness in their vaping mix. Blueberry is always a good choice, whether combined with raspberry, presented alone, or as a dessert choice.

Keep a Stash of Your Favorite Vaping Liquids on Hand

If you enjoy the wonders of menthol while vaping, the above taste sensations will give you further reason to make menthol vape juice your number one vaping liquid. Try the above selections and keep them on hand to fit your mood and vaping preferences.

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